Securing Internet Electronic Mail

Securing Internet Electronic Mail
Tác giả: Mark Vandenwauver và Frank Jorissen
Nguồn trích: State of the art in applied cryptography 1997-LNCS 1528
Số/Tập xuất bản:
Nhà xuất bản:
Năm xuất bản: 1905
Số trang: 209-223
Tóm tắt: hanks to the widespread success of the Internet, the use of e-mail has become common practice. More and more people are even using it as a primary means of communication. Unfortunately, regular users are not aware of the risks they are facing. If you send a regular letter, you can rely on the con dentiality of its content but not so with plain e-mail. Each message can be intercepted by a trained computer user connected to the net. Indeed in this paper we will show how easy it is to read other people's e-mai
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